The way electronics consumption is currently handled in the U.S. is not sustainable. The environment can’t absorb the waste produced and, as a nation, we are running out of many types of raw materials. The use of electronic goods is growing exponentially and yet, at the moment, Americans recycle only 25% of e-waste. Of the approximately 3.4 million tons of electronics discarded in a year, around 2.56 million tons end up in landfills.

What’s the good news? Things are changing.

Awareness about the need to recycle or reuse electronics is growing. State and local governments, manufacturers, and retailers are providing more safe, convenient opportunities for people to recycle their electronics. Some states ban electronics from landfills and over 800 communities in the U.S. have established their own electronics collections.

More important still, recycling and sustainable living is increasingly becoming integrated in our way of thinking.

Recycling Is Our Future

At Kuusakoski, we think recycling—along with green technologies, product innovation, and consumer pressure—is key to solving our planet’s climate and resource problems.


  • protects the earth’s scarce natural resources
  • reduces greenhouse gas emissions such as carbon dioxide
  • conserves energy in the manufacturing process
  • creates jobs, boosting the U.S. and global economies
  • inspires green product innovation and efficiencies

In other words, recycling is good for the environment and the economy.

Sources: EPA, Electronics TakeBack Coalition, ISRI