Data Security

Your Data = Your Reputation

The accelerated pace of technological development has many advantages. One of the big downsides, though, is how much and how quickly equipment becomes obsolete. And with the need to retire volumes of electronics comes many questions:

  • Is my e-recycler certified and standards-compliant?
  • Will my data be secure during equipment pick-up, transport, and processing?
  • Does my e-recycler destroy data to local and federal government regulation standards?
  • What happens to my e-waste after it is taken away?
  • Will my audit report meet the necessary standards in my industry?

These are key concerns. Sensitive customer and employee data, trade secrets, market research, intellectual property, etc.—all must be protected for legal, financial, and ethical reasons.

Your Data Is Safe With Us

At Kuusakoski, we guarantee a) the security of your data during handling and b) the complete destruction of your data, either through hard drive crushing or hard drive wiping. We offer:

Hard drive recycling: Hard drive crushing / hard drive shredding

Any electronic device with a hard drive not slated for reuse ends up in our crushers which can chomp through around 10,900 units per hour.

Electronics reuse: Hard drive wiping

Through our highly accredited partners, we offer data destruction compliant with government NIST Special Publication 800-88 (Guidelines for Media Sanitization) as well as FERPA, HIPAA, SOX, and FACTA.