Recycling Services

What We Do

We provide cost-effective, environmentally responsible recycling services to e-waste collectors and recyclers, enterprises, small businesses, nonprofits, original equipment manufacturers, and government and municipalities.

Our Services

  • Recycling services A comprehensive package may include consultation and analysis, collection, processing (data-secure reuse, raw material extraction, environmentally responsible recycling, etc.), and reporting.
  • CRT recycling We offer real recycling, not stockpiling or disposal, of CRT glass. Our process stabilizes the glass to allow it to be used beneficially.
  • E-waste collection We collect and transport your recyclable materials in a secure and environmentally friendly way.
  • Data destruction We can take care of digital overwriting, mechanical crushing of your IT devices and memory, and complete destruction of any confidential material.
  • Precious metals recycling and refining We have been refining metals for almost 100 years. We have advanced processing equipment and a global network of sales channels.

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