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PDC & new Kuusakoski Recycling Center will host electronic recycling fair Saturday

The EPA estimates that, in 2009, more than 2 million tons of electronic waste was discarded. Only 25% was properly recycled.
The remainder was disposed in landfills, where it poses a serious environmental threat. The Peoria Disposal Company and Kuusakoski Recycling have partnered to more efficiently process electronic waste.

Cathode ray tube recycling solution creates new use for treated glass

Metals and electronics recycler Kuusakoski Recycling announced a partnership with solid and industrial waste and recycling services firm Peoria Disposal Company to process cathode ray tube (CRT) glass, boost CRT North American processing capacity and establish a new beneficial use for the treated glass as landfill Alternate Daily Cover (ADC). Read more

Peoria Disposal, Kuusakoski partner on e-waste recycling

Kuusakoski Recycling and Peoria Disposal Co. (PDC) have partnered on the recycling of electronic waste, specifically cathode ray tubes (CRT). The partnership between the two Illinois companies – Kuusakoski based in Plainfield and PDC in Peoria – will process CRT glass, increase CRT North American processing capacity and establish a new beneficial use for the treated glass as landfill alternate daily cover (ADC), the companies said in a news release. Read more

Peoria partners for new recycling technique

In a new partnership Peoria Disposal Company is teaming up with a company called Kuusakoski, a family owned business to recycle electronic waste from old computers and televisions. Some of the glass in those products contains lead, but a new process will allow workers to extract the lead and crush up the treated glass. That glass has been approved by the EPA to be used instead of soil to cover the landfills each day. Read more

Disposal company partners in effort to recycle electronic waste

One of the largest recycling companies in the world is joining with the Peoria Disposal Company to more efficiently process cathode ray tubes. PDC representatives said millions of the tubes, which can come from televisions and computer monitors, have been abandoned here and across the nation. Read more