Research & Development

Better recycling matters. It protects natural resources, conserves energy, reduces CO2 emissions, boosts the global economy, and creates jobs. That’s why, at Kuusakoski, we continue to focus on creating better ways to recycle—as we have done for 100 years.

We think nature has it right—nothing is wasted.

We strive to follow nature’s example and make sure as little as possible is wasted. We do that by investing heavily in research that can take us to new frontiers of recycling. Our research department partners with technical universities and specialized companies across the world on the testing of processes for optimal recycling and reuse. Our technology unit, Recycling Technology, develops and manufactures advanced recycling equipment.

Active Research Projects

  • Improving material sorting efficiency by a factor of ten
  • Improving sink-float separation methods
  • Developing processes for extracting selected metals from by-products, waste, and low-content raw materials

Some of Our Research Partners

Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands)
Lulea University of Technology (Sweden)
Leiden University (Germany)
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University (Romania)
AGH University of Science and Technology (Poland)
IPFN Center for Nuclear Fusion and Plasma Physics (Portugal)