Kuusakoski (pronounced “koo-sah-koss-kee”) is one of the world’s largest and most reputable recyclers of metal and electronics, with operations spanning 11 countries, 3 continents, and 48 states. We provide cost-effective, environmentally responsible recycling services to e-waste collectors and recyclers, enterprises, small businesses, nonprofits, original equipment manufacturers, and government and municipalities.

Founded in 1914, we are among the original pioneers of the recycling world, and we still create, develop, and manufacture recycling technology. Our processes have been honed over a century to the highest level of efficiency and environmental standards.

Kuusakoski at a glance

  • In the U.S.: Since 2009
  • In the world: Since 1914
  • Global headquarters: Espoo, Finland
  • Global revenue: $1 billion
  • Total no. of employees: 1,900
  • Ownership: The Kuusakoski family
  • Certifications: e-Stewards & ISO 14001 certified at Kuusakoski Philadelphia LLC. (Kuusakoski in Plainfield and Peoria are contracted to be e-Stewards certified).
  • Investment in U.S. operation: $30 million and counting
  • U.S. facilities: Philadelphia, PA, Chicago, IL and Peoria, IL. View our Environmental Health & Safety Policy
  • Worldwide reach: 100+ service points

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